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“Mother of the Mexican Revolution, In Heroic Tamaulipas, Mexico” Translatated and Edited by A. Lopez-Cadena, Miami Beach, FL 3-2-15© The following tale is about the Mexican revolutionary history of Tamaulipas. Given some of our ancestors were from there, I decided to translate the following tale. The revolution lasted from 1910 to 1920, but battles, and scrimmages continued … Continue reading

The De La Cadena Family of Spain, Mexico, and South Texas

“Our Secret Heritage” Crypto-Jews of South Texas ©2001 by Alberto Omero Lopez y Cadena Paper presented at the Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies, Summer 2002 Descendants of Spanish Jews in South Texas? Yes, we’re there and we still use some Spanish Jewish words (Ladino) all the time! First, I’ll discuss research on the Cadena Jewish genealogy, … Continue reading

Bilingual Joke

La RINCARNACIÓN Pues!! Dos campesinos, Juan y María, se preparan para ir al campo a realizar sus tareas y comienzan la siguiente conversación: – Oye Juan, cómo es eso de la rincarnación??? – Ay Rosa, subite a la burra, aquí junto a mí y en el camino tixplico… Una vez en el camino, cabalgando ya … Continue reading

“Don’t Grow Old”

How Not To Act Old–p. 73 continued: (posted Oct. 4) Say no to negativity, my own thoughts. Life is as negative as you let it be. Move forward–get an upbeat slant to a negative spin. For example: Damn, I got fired from that hard-ass job. –OR– Quality-time with family is a blessing. My kid’s driving … Continue reading

Her name was Erica!

Stopped at my favorite beach Starbucks after lunch. Checking FaceBook and my blog, but not before ordering a drink. Becky (don’t really know her name), but she’s a smart-ass with purple, and orange streaks on her droopy bangs, says in a swaggering tone, “you’ll have your USUAL, chai?” NO, I taunted back–I’ll have a tall … Continue reading

My Pups are prepared in a “terrorist-aware” society!

It took me a while to get going this morning, but I was up by nine (early). Hey, I stay up late watching gory detective shows–each one bloodier than the last. Slept well, I hope it doesn’t speak badly of my mindset! Out we went after I hooked the pups up to their harnesses, carefully–Bonnie … Continue reading

My Last Conversation with Jim

I spent two weeks in Rehoboth in June. At the beginning of the second week, I was at a shopping center, and got a phone call from my good friend Jim. I could barely hear him, and joked with him like we usually did. He had bad news. When I finally got to a quiet … Continue reading

A Hilarious Spat at the Thrift Store

Hey–just left the thrift store, bought four books. “Imperial Rome”, “Ancient America”, “A Guide to the Biltmore Estate”, and “Health and Healing, The Natural Way–Natural remedies.” As you can see my interests are nernish, YEP. I’ve been studying about Rome, Greece, ancient America, and homeopathic medicine for some time now. Enough about that…. A quiet … Continue reading

“Con Mazola no estas sola”–Bebe

Inspired by my openess, adaptability, and search for truth, I post daily about issues that are important to me.